Crime- Rape at Marelle Dream

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carl.strut, Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:56 am

Hello Madam/Sir

My Niece is in shock at a private clinic, the police ask her a lot of questions, and the media was here and took pictures, we had to pay $7557;67 GBP and other expenses for her treatment , she is very acare, we need to keep our self low as instructed by the police, they already knows who is the who guy that had rape my niece. they know his name as sebastian Nagy Technician, the police are trying to get a document from UK court in Luton to detain and arrest the perpetrator with the help ok Palma de mallorca Police.

My lawyer told me that you should be paying back what spent here, it was yesterday on CNN Spain and ABC about this case because is not the first time it happen onboard your cruise Dream with the same guy, so i do not need to speak to you regarding the incident because my lawyer told me so, ao if yoor company had decided to pay for our damages please me know thank you.

We love to come again onboard dream on christmas time, BUT please let me know if you had remove the guy and the Cruise director Johnny riley from the ship because he had ignore me about my complaints. Please let me know your opinion.

Thank you


Everything started when on the 17/07/2018 after the game show at the Medusa Lounge ,we went to Water Edge to listen to Acoustic Soul brothers, we were having a good time, then after the band, the DJ started to play, at 1:45 am my niece decided to ask for a song request, the she went to the DJ booth and meet Sebastian From Romania, my niece was little drunk, then while she was asking for the song the DJ had closed the doors, the then the ask her are u ok?? Then she said just little drunk, the he proceed to put his hands under her short skirt, then squeeze her butt, her leg and breast , she had try to push him away but he looked her hands with one hand , he had kiss her by force then he realize she was upset and almost crying,

He open the doors and my niece get out fast running from the booth, I told her to stop but continue running and I went behind her, the in my cabin, she was crying loudly , I ask what happen, she the DJ had touch her against her will, when I saw her skin was in red on her legs her panty was roll down little, her neck was with red marks, after my niece told me I said !!!OH MY GOD!!!! , at the same time I run out for help but cabin attendant disappear, then to front office to lodge a complaint and the girl told that type of complaint I should speak with Cruise Director Johnny Riley, but effort to find him was bad, then on embarkation on 18/07/2018 at 8:am he was in his office , I had explain to him what happen and he never took my notes, then he told I will look into it, but I told I am disembarking today, the he told is dealing with another problem with another technician call Elie, he was ignoring me and told me get out my office because he says I was shouting at him, the he says !!! I WILL NOT LOSE ANOTHER TECHNICIAN AGAIN VERY SORRY !!! Otherwise I was telling me he will protect his DJ SEBY and not lose him, then I told him that he is hiding the truth , after he was rude to and told !!! GET F……… OUT MY F#$%&& MY OFFICE, !!!! I SAY OH MY GOD !!!, nobody had decide to help me because I was disembarking on the 18/07/2018 at 8:30 am.
Finally I told my niece let’s disembark and deal with it on land, I am very terrified of the outcome of my complaint, this all the details I remember , please if you want to help just pay me back of what I spent at the Private clinic with my Niece, a court order is on the way for the company, the liability is charges it will be $345.0000 GBP , this if you guys not taking me serious , my lawyer will be in contact.

Please let me know your opinion.

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