Harassment, discrimination, disrespect, or incidents from the guests

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alberto.gaitan, Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:24 pm

The phrase imposed by the company that guests are always right often tends to make us submissive to the lack of respect or harassment of some passengers who do not behave and try to make us feel that they have a superior situation to the crew. I witnessed several incidents where I could tell some disrespectful person that he was acting maliciously and stop bothering with his attitude. They always indicate that we should not contradict or argue with guests, but that does not mean that we can express our discomfort with diplomacy. We know that most passengers know that companies will comply with their whims and will not call attention to attitudes that exceed our rights, but we can kindly and, without expressing anger, make them stop an offense. But at the same time, it is very important to report serious events such as sexual harassment, insults and physical violence with our superiors and, if they ignore the fact, with the person in charge of Human Resources or crew welfare. It is very important to act quickly and protect yourself from further attacks or accusations. If you do not know how to act, tell the situation to your colleagues and they will know how to help you report the situation. Have you had any uncomfortable situation to report? Tell us...

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