My Experinece - The agency received an email from the Cruise Line stating “NOT TO REHIRE” me.

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Sami, Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:54 pm

My company was “Costa Cruises” and the agency handling me was Magsaysay Carriers.

My story goes like this...

When I disembarked from the vessel I got a positive review and a promotion. When I got home, the agency asked me to take a training, go for medical because of the new status I had, which was promoted. When I completed everything they were asking, and on the day of the contract signing, the agency told me that they received an email from the company stating “NOT TO REHIRE” me. So I asked the agency on what was the reason.. but instead, they refer me to the main office in Manila. So what I did was, I tried to contact the person in charge in Manila. I called, I emailed, I sent messages thru text, and I even sent a message thru a social media. I politely asked on what was the reason on why the company sent a negatve report when my evaluation states positive and promoted? Then the personnel sarcastically replied thru text message “youre the only one who can answer that” I was surprised on how she responded so I replied thru text to please let me know, because I can’t think of any reason. But she never responded anymore. They ignored my calls, my text messages, my email and when I checked the social media.. it states there, “SEEN” I was shocked! They really don’t care on their crew.
I sent email to the company but I got no respond. So I resigned and applied for a local hotel in our place and start again from the bottom. Thank you for hearing me out. Just wanted to share how cruel working to this company.

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