Buenos Aires - Taxi Drivers- Scam Theft

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alberto.gaitan, Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:29 pm

Buenos Aires Argentina is one of the most famous cities in Latin America because of its cultural, gastronomic and cosmopolitan variety. But as an Argentine, I recognize that we have, perhaps, the worst taxi drivers in the world and scam, without the use of violence.
Taxis - Do not take the taxis that are at the entrance of the port. They will charge you much more than the normal ones because they belong to a company that pays to be exclusive at the port terminal and charge up to 10 times more for a normal trip. Walk 200 meters, outside the taxi area, towards the Retiro bus terminal and stop any taxi that circulates in the street. VERY IMPORTANT: Always ask that the trip be through the meter, and avoid paying with big money bills because they can give you fake money as a change. If you have a money bill of 200 or 500 pesos, do not give it to the taxi driver until he gives the change to you. Many times you give the money and it changes it for a fake one and they tell you that they have no change, they keep your money bill and give you a fake one.

2- The stained clothes. It is a very common robbery if you walk through some neighborhoods of Buenos Aires like La Boca or San Telmo. Someone is going to dirty your clothes pretending to be pigeon stool. Then another person comes to you and offers you help to cleanse you. The person who accepts the help starts to take off his backpack or leave his camera to be cleaned. Then this person takes your belongings and they run away. FOR NO REASON ACCEPT SOMEONE HELP IF YOU GET DIRTY. CONTINUE WALKING AND DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU ARE IN A SAFE PLACE.


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