Birth Control and its consequences

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atwbethany, Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:16 pm


Okay, so I believe that this is an extremely important subject. Some of us may not feel comfortable asking certain questions. So I have decided to write this in here to give you an idea of what may be available and what may not be available for you.

Birth control

Birth control on the ship is extremely limited. In fact, on my last ship, the medical facility could not issue any type of birth control pills (or injection) for me to use on a regular basis.


It is not available as some countries and nationalities do not agree with such medicines. It is down to you, to bring enough with you to last you through your contract.

You may strike lucky with the doctors on board. On my first ship, the doctor wrote me a prescription for me to be able to find what I needed from a Mexican pharmacy. I had to pay for my pill and it cost me over $100. (Be careful what they charge you).

Whilst I was in Asia and visiting Taiwan. I was able to purchase the birth control pill over the counter in most pharmacies and it was as little as $5 per box. This is not available in every port, especially certain destinations across the world as it is either not allowed or needs to be prescribed by a doctor. This, you must check before you arrive in port.

Emergency contraception

This is not something that I have experienced myself first hand, however I have asked one of the medical team on board. The answer, is yes. The morning after pill is available for you. However, this is not something that is taken lightly on board Royal Caribbean ship. And while, it is available to you in the case of an extreme emergency, I most certainly would not rely on this as your source.


Condoms are available to you on board ship. There should be an area within the medical facility for you to access condoms out of hours if needed. My advice to you would be - bring your own! There may be a shortage on board.

To consider

I am not anyone's mother and do not wish to act in such way; but I should not need to remind or advise anyone to do the following:

If you are casually experimenting with different sexual partners, be sure to protect yourself against unwanted pregnancies, but also unwanted infections. They are easy to catch on ship and also free for you from the guy next door if you are not careful. Look after yourself and protect yourself. Use condoms each and every time.

If you have a partner on board. Be sure to use protection to your comfort level and make sure you protect yourself against unwanted pregnancies and keep in mind to protect yourself against STDs.


The ship offers treatment for STD's on board. However Aids is a difficult one, and anybody with HIV is to access their own treatment as Royal Caribbean do not provide for long term illnesses.


If you find yourself in the position of being pregnant. Royal will support you every step of the way during your pregnancy. Some or maybe all of which may be to your own expense. They will advise you to return home at between 16-20 weeks, sometimes earlier depending on previous health conditions, if there is a high risk within your pregnancy, such as; twins or high blood pressure etc, or the ports that you travel too and whether or not there is a risk to the mother or child whilst visiting, example; being in close contact with Zika virus.

If you find yourself in a position with an unwanted pregnancy. Royal will assist you to find the correct medical facility and it will be at your own expense. They will then advise you on your return to work as they see fit.

Don't worry. Help and guidance is available to all.

To conclude

Before you arrive, make sure you have packed yourself some condoms and your own birth control pills for the duration of your contract.

Keep yourself safe and clean girls!

I hope this helped.

Bethany .x.



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