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atwbethany, Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:12 am


As far as I’m aware, there are multiple discounts avaliable to crew whilst living onboard. The amount of discount will and can vary from time to time so this gives you a rough estimate.

You can eat for free in the allocated mess for your department. But you can also gain discount off the speciality restaurants onboard. Pre book a table and receive around 20% standard. Sometimes they may offer more discount if the restaurants are quiet.

You can eat in the main guest buffet restaurant as long as you are in dress code for that evening. This will cost you a small price of around $3.

There are bars around the ship that sell coffee, icecream, small snacks etc. You will receive a small discount of around 20% off these also.

Within the shops, there may be discount depending on what you buy. Some brands will offer and some will not. This is all down to the brand and not the shops onboard. Around 20% is normally offered, but again, this is just an estimate and can vary.

On some occasions the ship will hold a ‘Crew Sale’ down the i95. This is the main gangway on the bottom level of the ship where crew members walk every day. Here they will sell shop merchandise, bags, watches, perfume, cigarettes, alcohol etc. The discount isn’t normally any greater than what you would get if you bought it in the shops, however it is brought down within crew areas for your convenience to shop.

Bottled water is also available on discounted prices and in bulk sometimes and can be charged around $5 for 6 big bottles.

I’m crew areas the stuff you buy will be at ‘crew prices’ and these are cheaper than if you bought a coffee or a spirit for example in a guest area. It will always be cheaper for you to buy and consume within crew areas rather than guests.

Another discount you can take privaledge of the shore excursions. Some and NOT all, will offer free escort places if you help out within the excursion. Some may also offer a 20% discount if the free place has been taken and therefore you have a slight discount on the trip. The same trip will most likely be found through a separate agent for half the price but do not be fooled. If your excursion runs late, the ship will leave without you. If you are however on a ship shore excursion, the ship has to wait for you and cannot leave without you.
Safety and common sense first!

Ask about any other paid activities on board when you arrive to see what discounts you have there. Not every ship has every activity, so this may vary.
There should be a list somewhere near HR office to let you know of the things you should take advantage of.

I hope this helps!

Bethany .x.



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