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navigator, Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:17 am

We all know guest food isn't the same as the crew's but.. Have you ever wondered why can't we have the same every day? At leat some of it. Yeah we can?! :?
But I can guarantee you during the cruise you will eventually see your lovely crew mess full of delicious recipes made by your executive chef.. Once in a blue moon :lol:.. And here's the question..
Can we maintain our weight.. Or do we feel we are putting some more extra as we realize in our uniform???
Somebody tell me please how to lose instead of gain!!!?
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atwbethany, Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:47 pm

Hey Navigator!
How are you?

I do agree with what you wrote. Why can't we have the same as the guests on the ship? I would love a logical answer to that question myself.

I did find however, on my previous ship that they would cater for us in the mess, some of the little dishes that they catered for the guests in the windjammer. Sometimes, there would be a special offer for us to try the steaks from Chops Grille, for a price obviously, but it was bought to the mess for us to eat. Pre-ordered! Fancy that!

Sometimes we would also see a live cooking station, where a chef would dedicate his evening to freshly preparing your meal infront of you. This was mainly pastas, noodles and sandwiches. But made a real difference!

With regards to your question about loosing weight rather than gaining weight. It is a tough one. Some people loose on ship, some gain. All I know is that; there are many options to choose from for your food. Salad and fruit are always available along with a protein option. Whereas most of the cooked dishes are cooked with oils and salt, you have the choice to avoid these and choose the healthier options. My suggestion would be to mix it up. Try different options and do not eat the same each meal.

I'm not sure what its like on every ship but I do know that Royal Caribbean give their crew access to the guest gym and also their own crew gym area. This will also help if you can find the time to work out!

Hope this helps :)

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