What happens when you quit and have not completed the contract?

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alberto.gaitan, Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:07 pm

Everyone has their time and personal situation that takes them to work for the maximum time on board. Then suddenly it is decided that the life of a crew member is no longer interesting or something happened at home, and you have to give up suddenly. But leaving the job without completing the contract, not only means you have to pay your ticket back home but also steps that the company must meet, especially being in the jurisdiction of the United States where you will go to make your disembarkation to go home. If you are sailing through the Caribbean or Alaska, based on American ports, the US authorities ask that the crew member wait until the port of completion of the itinerary and, in many cases, be several days on board without working if not The resignation has been scheduled in advance. In my case, I resigned seven days before the end of the cruise and worked until the last night in the restaurant. But the most unusual case I've seen was a young Frenchman who came to work for Busboy. When he showed up with his uniform for the first time, they put him to work cleaning tables and, after a few minutes of talking with him, we told him what the schedule was like, working up to twelve or fourteen hours a day and without any day off for seven months. Then he looked for the Asst.Maitre D'and asked him about the work system and if he was going to have days off. When they responded to him, the young man renounced in the moment. But he had to do nothing on board for a week until the ship returns to Port Everglades. The disembarkation for those of us who left without completing the contract was harder. This is what I told in my book:

"The Yeoman separated us from those who resigned with those who went on vacation. Here begins the humiliation that (XXX)Cruises has prepared for all its renunciates. They did not give me my passport. Every time I went on vacation, I would leave the boat, rent a car, go shopping and visit friends until it was time to show up at the airport. This time I could not do it because the company speculated that I could stay illegally in the United States. Then they hire a private security company to accompany us permanently until entering the plane that takes us out of the country. For each crewmember who escapes and stays, they must pay a fine of thirty thousand dollars. It was not in my plans or in my mind to do that; I just wanted to do some shopping, visit my friends who live near Port Everglades, leave for the airport and go home. They put us on a bus and took us to an office near the airport. In that place they had us as kidnapped, we could not have our passports, and we could not leave the place because it was locked with keys and guarded by security personnel. It was two o'clock in the afternoon, and the twenty people that were there began to ask them to give us something to eat, we had breakfast at six in the morning that day. Minutes after, one of them gave us some pamphlets with the advertising of a pizzeria so that could delivery and the food was at our expense. I was able to communicate with my friends with my cell phone, and they came to the place to greet me. I persuaded the custodians to let me spend a few minutes outside with them. One of the guards was stopped meters from where we were talking and even came to take note of the license of my friend's car. At dusk, they took me to the airport in the custody of one of them. When I showed up at the airline counter, the uniformed man handed my passport. I heard then that the employee picks up a phone and says to someone "We have another deportee." There I told her that I was not deported, that they only kept me under surveillance because I had resigned and the company made sure that I did not stay illegally in the country. We went through security control and waited in the room before boarding. People looked at me as if I were a criminal to which a policeman assured me to return to my country. My passport was given to me when I put both feet on the plane. That was the farewell that (XXX) Cruises gave me"

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atwbethany, Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:36 pm


When you leave Royal Carribean cruises without completing your contract. You are asked to give 2 weeks legal notice and you will pay the finance of your flight back home. Proof of flight will be handed to the vessel as they need to clarify that you are leaving the country you disembark from and return home to your honeland.

2 weeks notice will allow you to leave on ‘good terms’ and therefore you MAY be considered to rejoin the company within a year.

If you, however, leave the company before completing your 2 weeks notice, you will unable to return to the company thereafter.

Hope this helps!

Bethany .x.

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Sami, Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:08 pm

Alberto brought one more point to my attention and that is: Why crew need to pay for the flight ticket back home. If you decide to quit the ships do it on the day when the cruise line transfers your salary to your account and then do it. No one can force you to work anymore. And they will send you back home in the next port of call or the home port anyway. So why you need to pay for the ticket? I know almost all crew members when they resign in the middle of their contract pay for the ticket but if they say NO what will the company do? Send them home with a life raft?

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